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Lesson 40

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81 The Addams Family - Student's Track
81 The Addams Family - Duet
82 The Mocking Bird - Student's Track
82 The Mocking Bird - Duet

Key Points: Pieces 81& 82


  • Piece 81 is progression from the previous lesson. Quickly moving your 2nd finger accurately becomes even more important.

  • The importance of your 2nd finger and where it is positioned is of crucial importance in Piece 82. The tune just doesn't work unless you are accurate.

  • Piece 81 has bowing to consider as well as dynamics. Put these in last. Remember that your attention needs to be on your 2nd finger and where it is meant to be positioned.

  • In Piece 82 be aware that bar 7 has a 2nd forward on the G string quickly followed by a 2nd back on the D string. There's nothing to indicate it in the music; you just have 'know'.


Just to repeat: 2nd fingers: they don't 'waft' somewhere between your 1st and 3rd fingers! They are either next to the 1st or next to the 3rd. You may will know that you are accurate if you can feel the two fingers touching each other (unless you have particularly thin fingers).

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