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Lesson 41

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83 Chim Chim - Student's Track
83 Chim Chim - Duet
84 Ragamuffin's Rag - Student's Track
84 Ragamuffin's Rag - Duet

Key Points: Pieces 83 & 84


  • Pieces 83 is a great little tune but difficult. Pay attention to the TIP above because this gives you a means of achieving success. In terms of your progress the 2nd finger change is why this piece is being learned at this moment in time.

  • Piece 84 may b a bit of a surprise to you because it changes key in the middle; from 3 sharps to no sharps and then back to 3 sharps (see the key signature above made up of only NATURALS).

  • Piece 83's other difficulties include the tenuto in bar 3 which means that you must not play the slur as a smooth legato. As mentioned in the video the 2nd time notes often go wrong rhythmically. You should be playing a minim and 2 quavers. Take care that you don't play something similar to the rhythm in bar 6 (bar of the 1st time bar).

  • Piece 84 is the first appearance of notes on the E string. These are in the STANDARD finger pattern with the 2nd close to the 3rd.


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The passage above needs a great deal of care and attention because this is one of the most difficult 'shifts' of 2nd finger to get in tune.  When you are playing the tune you will be doing this very quickly. It is essential you that therefore practise this separately from the rest of the piece. Play it at first rather slowly without the rhythm. Only add in the rhythm once you are confident.

These NATURALS cancel the 3 sharp key signature of A major and makes changes to a lot of 2nd fingers.

A new scale: A major

Add it to your 'warm-up'.

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