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Lesson 39

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79 Happy Birthday - Student's Track
79 Happy Birthday - Dut
80 Heigh-ho - Student's Track
80 Heigh-ho - Duet

Key Points: Pieces 79& 80


  • Piece 79 is the first piece which requires that you alter the position of your 2nd finger in the middle of the piece. So far the finger position has changed after each piece. Changing finger positions in the middle of a piece is something new for you to experience.

  • Piece 80 is a quicker piece. They always get quicker, don't they, once you've got used to something! But take things steadily at first and gradually get quicker. As you do so you are practising increasing the dexterity of your 2nd finger repositioning.

  • Always remember that as you change the 2nd finger in Piece 79, your 2nd finger either nudges your 3rd finger or your 1st. Be careful to avoid falling into the trap of not quite positioning it in either direction fully and completely. It justs means that your 2nd finger will be permanently out of tune.

  • Piece 80 also has bowing issues to consider, mostly staccato, but your focus should be on your 2nd finger so leave the bowing until last.



2nd fingers: they don't 'waft' somewhere between your 1st and 3rd fingers! They are either next to the 1st or next to the 3rd. You may will know that you are accurate if you can feel the two fingers touching each other (unless you have particularly thin fingers).

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