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Lesson 43 - Order Book 2

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87 Barcarolle - Student's Track
87 Barcarolle - Duet
88 Nocturne - Student's Track
88 Nocturne - Duet

Key Points: Pieces 87 & 88






  • Pieces 87 extends your ability to play more than one note per bow. Practise each note slowly, separately to ensure you are getting them in tune and then slowly play them 3 notes to the bow. Do this repetitively until it starts to feel easy. Then fit it into the piece.

  • Piece 88 is a gorgeously beautiful piece of music and includes many of the elements you have been learning in this book. You also get the opportunity to play 4 notes to a bow.



Legato bowing: Is your bow going adrift? Is it staying just an inch from the bridge or is it travelling down the fingerboard. You might not be holding your violin level and on your shoulder. Check out Lesson 7 to remind you about how to position it properly on your shoulder. If you bow is travelling towards the bridge and may be even over your left shoulder then check out Lesson 8 for a reminder about your bow hold.

3 notes to the bow

and even more notes to the bow...

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