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Lesson 4 - FIRST finger pieces

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13 Spinning Wheel - Student's Track
10 A Friend... - Student's Track
10 A Friend... - Duet
11 One finger... - Student's Track
11 One finger... - Duet
12 Eee-abba... - Student's Track
14 A Stitch... - Student's Track
12 Eee-abba... - Duet
13 & 14 - Duet - play either

Key Points

  • First of all make sure you violin is in tune.

  • You will continue with plucking the violin in guitar position.

  • This lesson is about the first finger on the D string and getting it in tune.

  • You can see in the picture where the finger needs to be (about an inch away from the end of the finger board).

  • If you know where to find a note on a piano keyboard (E is three notes up from middle C counting C as 1) then you check your accuracy by listening to the note and comparing it with what you hear from the keyboard.

  • Real accuracy on the violin is achieved over a period of time. It gets better as you practise.

  • Remember that at this stage, you will make progress with just  a few minutes practice each day. You don't need to do lots.

What can go wrong?

Your first finger is out of tune? Then your 1st finger is definitely in the wrong place. Playing along with the student track will tell you that it's either right or wrong. Experiment with moving the finger slightly one way then the other. Do it slowly, bit-by-bit and very carefully so that you can really listen to your sound and my sound. If you think it's getting worse rather than better then move your finger the other way to see if it improves.

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