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Lesson 28

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58 Jupiter - Student's Track
58 Jupiter - Duet
59 Feed The Birds - Student's Track
59 Feed The Birds - Duet

59 Feed The Birds - 2nd Violin Lead In (No Count)

59 Feed The Birds - Duet (Lead In)

Key Points: Pieces 58 & 59


  • Piece 58 is a lovely piece to learn how to play. Take care to learn the last line properly because this music isn't the main tune and you won't know these notes. Keep your bow hold as relaxed as possible and bow as smoothly as possible connecting all the notes. Notice if you are tempted to lift the bow off the string or play with gaps between the notes.

  • Piece 59 is another smooth, legato melody so apply the same ideas from the previous piece.

  • Piece 58 needs the benefit of your ability to play softly and loudly. You play loudly when you have the main theme but reduce the volume when playing the accompaniment.

  • Piece 59 is a little awkward to keep smooth because it has short quavers needing a fast, full bow which still needs to be legato. Note too that this piece has a crescendo (the 'hair pin' on its side) so to make this happen gradually apply pressure with your right index finger.



  • As always start by doing a bowhold check, do a whole bow warm up, playing the scale of D major and G major. This is so easy to do and really helps you check your tuning.

  • To get going pluck through each piece once or twice.

  • Then try with the bow the Student's Track until you feel confident to move on to the duets.

  • Go from plucking to bowing and back to plucking until you are confidently bowing each piece.

  • Don't be in any rush to 'get it right straight away' - being patient will pay off in the long run.

  • Go over previous videos if you think something's not right.

  • Most 'horrible' sounds occur because of a tense right hand causing the bow to 'tremble,' 'bounce' or be 'scratchy'.

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