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Lesson 14

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30 Summer Shine - Student's Track
30 Summer Shine - Duet
31 Halfway Down - Student's Track
31 Halfway Down - Duet


Pencil in the fingering above every note. Then gradually rub them out bit-by-bit as you begin to memorise them. Don't be in any rush to do this though; it's more important that you play the music than worry about remembering the  notes.

Key Points: Pieces 30 & 31

  • Pieces 30 & 31 continue the theme of finding 3rd fingers accurately but this time on the G string. This needs careful attention. Beginners often play these flat (your finger needs to be moved slightly towards you) when they appear without having played a 1st and 2nd before. These 3rds occur when playing the open D just before which many students find quite hard.

  • To start do a bowhold check, do a whole bow warm up, play fingers 0, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 0 on the G string and check your tuning.

  • Listen particularly to the 3rd finger as it is more likely to be in tune because the other fingers act as a guide.


  • To get going pluck through each piece once or twice.

  • Then try with the bow the Student's Track until you feel confident to move on to the duets.

  • Go from plucking to bowing and back to plucking until you are confidently bowing each piece.

  • Don't be in any rush to 'get it right straight away' - being patient will pay off in the long run.

  • Go over previous videos if you think something's not right.

  • Most 'horrible' sounds occur because of a tense right hand causing the bow to 'tremble,' 'bounce' or be 'scratchy'.

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